Ways to Use Hemp Oil in Jacksonville


Choose Your Own Way to Use CBD Oil

Different methods have low or high bioavailability (rate at which the drug is absorbed into the body)

Ways to Use CBD Oil

CBD Tinctures
  • Place droplets under the tongue to absorb sublingually
  • Bioavailability: high
CBD Capsules
  • Add to diet as a daily supplement
  • Bioavailability: low
CBD Concentrates
  • Apply a wax or dab to the inside of the mouth
  • Bioavailability: high
CBD Topicals
  • Use on skin as lotion, salve, or lip balm
  •  Bioavailability: medium
CBD Sprays
  • Spray oil into the mouth
  • Bioavailability: low
CBD Vapes
  • Vape through an e-cigarette, vape pen, or vaporizer
  • Bioavailability: high