How is Hemp Oil Made?

How is Hemp Oil I get in Jacksonville made?

Pick the Plant

  • CBD oil can come from hemp or marijuana — Both are derived from Cannabis Sativa L.

Hemp for CBD

  • Stalk and seeds used to make textiles, food, paper, and building materials
  • Grows in 15- to 20-foot stalks with woody cores similar to bamboo
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC, not enough to produce a “high”
  • Legality of CBD derived from hemp is debated

Marijuana for CBD

  • Cannabis flowers and leaves used for medicinal, recreational, or spiritual purposes
  • Grows in ~5-foot plants that spread out low to the ground
  • Contains 10%-14% or more THC
  • CBD derived from marijuana not legal in all states
  • Legal Debate — The Drug Enforcement Agency and legal experts can’t agree if hemp CBD oil is legal

CBD Legal Viewpoints